Thursday, July 24, 2008

Why the consortia virus is spreading

I've got a simple theory for why we are seeing so many, sometimes overlapping wireless consortiums with sometimes overlapping memberships.

This week Amimon announced a group of top consumer companies backing its 5GHz technology for sending uncompressed video across the digital home. It competes directly with the WirelessHD group SiBeam helped launch around 60 GHz technology for in-room links. Last week Sony debuted a group backing its TransferJet for short range synchs.

I am speculating the startups in search of credibility and design wins that can help them bootstrap into the mainstream offer a deal that's hard to refuse: Contribute some time from a few engineers and you get a chance to look at and influence the technology to make sure it works well on your systems, and maybe even a lower cost for adoption if you decide to use it.

There's very little to lose on such a deal, especially for the giant consumer electronics companies who have been jumping into multiple groups. The lesson: When the consortia virus strikes, immunize yourself with a dose of reality. These groups sound important, but they may not be good predictors of who will use what in a consumer wireless market that is still a wide open field where many flowers will blossom.


Anonymous said...

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rick, you still active with this blog? It appears to be slowing it because the industry hasn't had much to say in a while...or is it something else?
-Your friends in the interconnect business :)

Rick Merritt said...

Sorry folks, a little preocuppied with my day job and some vacation here and there. I've been trying to keep the interconnect beat well covered over at and will back here again soon...stay tuned!