Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The salmon of the CEA

The folks over at the Consumer Electronics Association are full of Omega-3s these days. They want to define a universal interconnect for media players by running copy protected High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) signals over the CEA's existing Portable Digital Media Interface (PDMI, aka CEA-2017).

That's a great and ambitious idea that would really serve consumer interests. Just imagine being able to take any media player and link it to any car or home docking station or other peripheral. Fabulous.

But, um, you know there's this company called Apple that makes this thing called an iPod. They have this tendency to sort of do their own thing. And sense the typical teenage consumer does not know the brand name for a second media player device, they can pretty much get away with these shenanigans, forcing the industry to follow their ad hoc-ish lead.

By the way, for those other companies--unknown to teenagers--also making media players there's this plug called USB. It's pretty popular. Maybe not quite the thing for a car in its current state, but these USB folks are pretty active in rolling out variantions and upgrades.

So my dear friends over at the CEA, I look forward to watching your ambitious efforts to swim upstream in digital media. If anyone has any observations or insights on this effort, post a comment or drop a note at rmerritt@techinsights.com.

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