Thursday, June 19, 2008

Super story for GbE

Vendors cranked the volume on Infiniband at the International Supercomputing conference in Dresden this week with news on products from QLogic, Voltaire and a new roadmap for the IBTA. Likewise IB proponents were quick to jump on the bandwagon--along with AMD--for their part in the success of IBM’s Roadrunner cracking the petaflops barrier.

But an editor of the Top 500 list was quick to point out Gbit Ethernet still dominates the world’s biggest systems, appearing in 285 of the supers compared to just 120 for IB. The IB installations tended to be high-end academic machines while GbE was more often used in commercial systems, he added.

And as for AMD, despite its high profile appearance in Roadrunner, its presence has diminished in the latest Top 500, a casualty of its missteps and Intel’s success with quad-core chips.

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