Tuesday, June 03, 2008

On difficult partnerships

Thanks to Patrick Mannion of TechOnline for tipping me off this morning to the conflict over 60 GHz. I had no idea the 802.15.3c folks and the 802.11 VHT crowd were about to have a big powwow to figure out how to parse out separate standards in this spectrum peacefully.

Craig Mathias says there is plenty of room for multiple standards and product approaches in this promising area, so bring on the competition. I’d like to hear other opinions about multi-Gbit wireless nets so please chime in here or at rmerritt@techinsights.com.

What role do you think WiFi could play at 60 GHz, especially given the market lead SiBeam has with its .3c-like approach? Is there a real opportunity for the VHTL6 concept of an aggregate Gbit WiFi net at less than 6 MHz? And what does all this hubbub mean for Wireless USB and other ultrawideband wannabees?

And while you’re at it, what do you think of an Obama-Clinton ticket in 2008?

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