Monday, May 26, 2008

Quick predictions on graphics

I spent a couple days researching GDDR5 for an EE Times story last week. From what I learned, here are a few quick and free from-the-hip predictions. Take them for what they are worth.

--AMD will be the first to use GDDR5 on a new graphics controller to be announced soon.
--Archrival Nvidia will wait as long as possible before moving to GDDR5, opting to use the more economical GDDR3 at 1.3 GHz+ as long as possible
--Intel will use GDDR5 on its much-anticipated Larrabee controller when it debuts probably in late 2009, but the part won’t make that big of a splash in the market in its first generation.
--Rambus will struggle to get traction with XDR in HDTVs and elsewhere, crossing its fingers for better luck in next-generation videogame consoles with a second or third generation technology.

Think I'm wrong? Share a prediction of your own here or at What to learn more? Check out this white paper.

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