Monday, May 26, 2008

Ethernet's puppy

I haven't had my eye on the ball of the high-speed Ethernet standards effort over at the IEEE 802.3ba for awhile, so I talked to the chair of the committee, John D'Ambrosia late last week for an update. This is big complex stuff about the future of Ethernet, the data center and converged telecoms at mind-bending 40 and 100G speeds.

John reports all goes well with technical progress at the last meeting, as many as 200 expected at the next meeting and appropriate debates on the floor. I haven't heard much from the committee at large about this effort, so if you have some observations or opinions on this big leap forward post a comment or drop me a line at

While this standard is gestating, John has a new puppy at home (pictured while snoozing) that is also growing fast. John says it's possible the .3ba work could be in an early draft stage by March and a late draft in November. By that time little Buster D'Ambrosia will be chomping down dog food at a 40 or maybe 100G rate.

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