Wednesday, May 14, 2008

China rising

You get interesting glimpses into where a company is at trolling the job boards. I saw a recent ad for Hua Wei on the SI-List for an engineer that indictaed where this company is on its climb from a copier of Cisco products to an innovator of modest capabilities in its own right.

The ad called for an SI designer who ideally has "experience in taping out multi-million gate CMOS ASICs in 130nm technology and below." They are willing to take someone with no more than a bachelor's degree and two-years industry experience to handle "evaluation and choice of 3rd party IO buffer and SerDes IP for ASIC design."

Clearly, they are not at the exalted level of Cisco's 90nm Quantum Flow Processor or even its FCoE work, but few ASIC designers on the globe could pull off a design like that. Nevertheless, the China's answer to Cisco is clearly on the rise, and I'd like to—and expect to--hear more from them.

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