Tuesday, April 08, 2008

FCoE party begins

My hat is off to the many people driving Fibre Channel over Ethernet. The breadth of support at the Storage Networking World event today was mind blowing considering the technology only hit the radar screen a few months ago. Several big companies are being fast and nimble on this one—particularly Cisco Systems which seems to be reprising its success with the Andiamo spin-in Nuova Systems.

But there's plenty here I do not yet understand. How will these folk roll with the punches when IEEE advanced Ethernet and T11 FCoE standards finally close? Can it all be handled in software?

Is it true as competitors say that Emulex and QLogic are doubling up with Ethernet, Fibre Channel (and glue logic) silicon all crowded on to their adapter cards? Sounds expensive.

Meanwhile, my 10GBase-T questions from last week remain unanswered. I understand two companies may be ready to talk about new and better transceivers, but I have heard precious little from giants Broadcom, Intel and Marvell on this issue.

Will there be a hangover after the party in Orlando?

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Manoj K said...

Hi Rick,

IEEE has now created separate Task Group for Data Center related enhancements: This is now called DCB (Data Center Bridging): http://www.ieee802.org/1/pages/dcbridges.html

Data Cetner Bridging Task Group focuses specifically on enhancements to Ethernet (bridges, End Stations) in Data Center deployments. There are three projects under this Task Group:
1. Congestion Notfication (802.1Qau) for end-to-end congestion management.
2. Priority-based Flow Control (802.1Qbb) - approved during March meeting for link level (granular) flow control.
3. Enhanced Transmission Selection (aka Priority Groups. 802.1Qaz) - that allows BW configuration to various traffic types in coverged network.
4. Discovery and Capability Exchange Protocol will also be defined in this Task Group that allows various DCB nodes to discover each other and form compliant, converged DCB cloud.

- Manoj