Thursday, April 03, 2008

FCoE and 10GBase-T ASAP

Holy acronymity, Batman! No wonder this interconnect world drives me whacky sometimes. What's really scary is I actually know what this stuff means...and I want to learn more!

I have briefings coming up Monday on the latest and greatest in Fibre Channel over Ethernet and 10 Gbit/s Ethernet over copper. If you have any perspective, hot tips, leaks or heads ups about what you or others are doing in these spaces, please drop me a line at or post a comment here ASAP.

So if you have anything to say on these technologies, sling it now or plan to hold your peace for awhile.

BTW, sorry I have neglected this little plot of the blogosphere lately. I was on a two-week trip in Asia that ended with a quick tour to the MultiCore Expo and Ocean Tomo Spring auction. There's a lot on my plate these days—-check out the Intellectual Property Symposium--so I appreciate your bearing with me as I get to this little side interest of mine whenever I can.

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