Monday, March 10, 2008

The return of HomePlug

The HomePlug crew will deliver a fleshed out proposal for a powerline standard by June, in time for a possible first vote on at a July meeting of the IEEE 1901 group. That was the promise from Oleg Logvinov, chief strategy officer of the HomePlug consortium in a recent chat.

HomePlug is responding to charges from competitor DS2 which said the 1901 effort has stalled and the HomePlug group has yet to articulate details of its proposal. HomePlug claimed victory in the standards battle back in October when its proposal was down-selected, but has been slow to deliver a detailed plan. Yet to come is any report from the 1901 group chairman, but that may appear this week on the group's Web site.


Anonymous said...

It's surprising that a proposal that was submitted to IEEE P1901 in September needs almost a year to be "fleshed out".

During the "down-selection" process that took place in October in Boston, most members thought that the proposal was "complete". They might have voted differently if they had known that the proposal was not "complete" and that it needed to be "fleshed out".

In other well-known IEEE standards like 802.11n, confirmation votes take place immediately after a down selection process.

Having 10 months between the down-selection process and the confirmation vote means that the proposal submitted for down-selection was immature and incomplete, and that the IEEE process is somehow being misused.

Anonymous said...

HomePlug is going to deliver a "proposal" in June 2008? I thought they said they "won" in October 2007? They also told us at the HomePlug Annual conference in 2007 that their proposal would be confirmed in the IEEE meeting in Japan in March of 2008.

Why can't we get the truth from HomePlug and not marketing speak that seems to be designed to intentionally mislead?

I've also heard their proposal doesn't work for Access companies, is this true? How can a standard not work for all applications of the technology?

Anonymous said...

More information about P1901 in this blog at EDN:
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