Thursday, March 13, 2008

My old Missouri home

Sam Lucero, a senior analyst for ABI Research released a study this week predicting home automation is finally poised to take off. Zigbee and Z-Wave products are gaining traction as de facto standards and lower cost approaches than yesterday's custom installations and retailers like Best Buy are getting on board with offerings from the likes of 4HomeMedia, iControl Networks, Portus, uControl and Xanboo, he states.

I haven't seen Lucero's report but I am remaining a show-me skeptic. I agree with Lucero who foresees service providers rolling out home automation and security systems as a value-added service. But I don't believe it will happen for a looong time. This year enabling the multi-room DVR is the big focus for many service providers, so automated lights and web cams from Comcast and Verizon are still a way off in my view.

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