Saturday, March 01, 2008

More sparks on powerline

Just got an email from Chano Gomez, vice president of technology and strategic partnerships at DS2, who says the IEEE 1901 powerline standard is gridlocked. You will recall from earlier reports, DS2 strongly opposes proposals from the HomePlug consortium to create standard that can use either groups' physical layer technology.

Chano says the standards effort is still in the early days of a process that could take another two years. He notes the HomePlug proposal only allows separate technologies to co-exist not truly interoperate. And he says the HomePlug folk have yet to define the Inter-PHY Protocol at the heart of their proposal.

"Everybody at IEEE P1901 is very disappointed with the lack of progress in the last months," Chano writes.

I have emails out to the 1901 chair and HomePlug reps. If you have a view, post a comment or drop a line at

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