Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Rx for Moto

Yowza, Eric Broockman's from-the-hip analysis of Moto's cellular problems stings true.

"Ed Zander’s mistake was to believe that a simple reorg or two together with a few interviews and snappy slogans would be sufficient to fundamentally remake a non-competitive corporate culture," he writes in his blog.

He notes how Moto designers slavish copied the successful Razr rather than dare to innovate with follow on products, and recalls how Moto flubbed a chance to co-develop a music phone with Apple before Steve Jobs & Co. went on to define the iPhone.

"The Schaumburg guys and corporate types from the cornfields outside of Chicago knew better than Steve Jobs did. They didn’t get the vision. So, Apple went elsewhere. Ouch. What a lost opportunity," he quips.

There's no quick solution to the deep-seated culture problems at Moto that extended to the non-competitive wireless chip unit at now spun out Freescale, he claims. OK, here's my vote for Eric as the next CEO of the new Moto.

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