Tuesday, February 19, 2008

HDMI in your hand

The recent Mobile World Congress was ripe with demos of high def video captured on a cellphone and sent to a TV, according to my boss Junko Yoshida, just back from the show. Junko reports on a 65nm HDMI core from MIPS Technologies to make such a link.

The MIPS core competes with an HDMI variant that Silicon Image rolled out at CES. Silicon Image used clever design rather than aggressive process technology to solve the problem.

Junko reports that NXP Semi has licensed the MIPS core. I have noticed other recent cellular chip sets using a full HDMI core. Yet to appear are any design wins for the new Silicon Image approach.

I wrote recently that USB 3.0 might replace HDMI, mbile and otherwise, but other bloggers disagreed. In the march to high def everything, the protected cellular link is perhaps the most bleeding edge of applications.

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