Monday, February 25, 2008

Chapter and VersaPHY on 1394

Thanks to Richard Mourn from Quantum Parametrics for providing some color about the recently announced VersaPHY specification from the 1394 Trade Association.

Mourn says the spec aims to help a single 1394 link typically used for high bandwidth streaming media apps branch out to cover less demanding apps that might range from speakers and security cameras to sensors.

"If a car seat has an LCD display in the head rest and the display is 1394, through VersaPHY the PHY in the LCD display [also] could service the seat belt sensor, the occupied sensor, the temperature sensor, etc. All of this would be done using the one 1394 cable into the seat," he writes.

The technique works by creating addressing labels so devices can plug into a link automatically. It requires no new hardware, however users need to agree to some standards. An effort is underway to set such standards for power management uses in cars, Mourn says.

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