Friday, January 04, 2008

More wireless wonders

Another day, another flow of wireless vendors trying to rack up proof points on the road to CES.

Ultrawideband pioneer Pulse~Link is coming to CES with backing from Westinghouse that has embedded its UWB chips into an HDTV. The company also got a design win for its version of UWB over coax.

Pulse~Link says Westinghouse will use its UWB chips to carry HDMI signals in an HDTV set “planned for initial commercial release to the B2B digital signage market in Q2 2008.” Sounds like more of an image statement than a run at the mainstream of Circuit City to me, but a branded HDTV demo is a big step forward for the chip company that was just showing board-level demos at last CES.

Another company, Geffen, is launching a bridge for anyone who wants to extend HDMI signals around their home via the Pulse~Link UWB over coax solution. The Geffen box goes on sale in April.

Competitor Amimon is not naming names yet, but claims it will have a top-tier OEM showing its Wi-Fi variant embedded in an LCD HDTV at CES to send full 1080p video streams.

I will be hunting next week for real shipping products in mainstream markets using any of this stuff. But I suspect that will be the theme for CES 2009. This is the demo year for wireless video, I suspect.

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