Monday, January 07, 2008

Bluetooth sings at CES

At long last Bluetooth is gaining traction as a wireless link for MP3 players. The audio spec for this narrowband wireless link has been bogged down for years, attracting competitors such as Kleer and Aura, but no more as of this Consumer Electronics Show.

Samsung debuted at CES yesterday a digital boom box that contains a hard disk drive to rip CDs without a PC. It also sports a Bluetooth link to grab music from its latest Bluetooth equipped MP3 players and cellphones which apparently debuted on the market last year.

“A key differentiator of our MP3 line is our Bluetooth connectivity,” said a Samsung exec in a press conference.

Apparently the company had not attended the Philips press conference just prior to its event. Philips launched a roughly similar audio player and MP3 systems with Bluetooth yesterday.

I don’t know what has held Bluetooth back all these years. If you do, drop me a comment here or at The net result is MP3 players are going wireless. Hello, Cupertino, did you hear that? Better turn down your iPods and listen!

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