Friday, December 14, 2007

The TV plug plot thickens

Add the FireWire crowd to the mix of people trying to define the plug of choice in the digital living room. The 1394 Trade Association says it is aiming its new 3.2 Gbit/s spec at carrying uncompressed video. That's HDMI territory, baby.

Upping the ante, the trade group said it is working on a spec for 1394 over coax. Sounds like a home network play to me. That likely will compete with whatever Silicon Image has going on behind the curtain called the Personal Entertainment Network.

So, we have digital TVs adopting HDMI as a de facto standard, set-tops with FireWire --thanks to the FCC requirement for a copy-protected interface--and the world of PCs, cameras and cellphones wearing various sizes of USB--plus a new USB variant in the works for carrying compressed video between TVs and devices. I love a good mud fight!

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