Friday, December 07, 2007

Express gets a tune up

I got a flame today saying the comment in my previous post about Intel's Geneseo being a candidate for PCI Express version 3.0 was off the mark.

"Geneseo does not exist other than as an Intel marketing term, a term never recognized by the PCI SIG. All of the SIG proposals have seen extensive discussion and modifications" from multiple companies, he said.

The comment led to more back and forth and discussions with another source. It all helped me get a somewhat clearer picture of the work on PCI extensions over at the PCI SIG which I posted as a story on the EE Times site tonight.

Clearly, I have yet to get a sense of many of the details of the new extensions in the works for Express. No doubt I'll be hearing more from the SIG in the new year—if not sooner. Stay tuned.

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