Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Bad grades for wireless USB

OK, wireless USB promoters, you are grounded until you get those data rates up. The official tests results from Octoscope are in. They are better than the 20 Mbits/s the group was reporting initially back in October. But the 50 Mbit/s results of the final scores are still not up to par—go back and hit the books, people. Remember, even though you are a big consortium there are plenty of competitors who want to eat your lunch.

Mike Foley of the Bluetooth SIG says his group is still optimistic it can ride UWB to get to a 100 Mbit/s application layer data rate with BT 3.0. The wireless USB problems according to the BT people stem mainly from the USB protocol itself which Mike called "not friendly for wireless, they are too chatty and that impacts data throughput and power consumption."

BT 3.0 will use its existing radio as a control channel, only turning on a UWB radio when big chucks of data are ready to be sent. And BT 3.0 will tap into 6 GHz frequencies as well, he added.

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