Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Of birds and flowers

OK, it's time to take a gratitude break--and start marinating my turkey. I may be a little challenged doing the former job today because I had to just put my car in the shop and may not be able to get to the San Jose Turkey Trot tomorrow to benefit local charities…OK so I have a car to put in the shop, I already made the donation online and I can go jogging here in Campbell anytime I want, thank you.

BTW, I heard a wonderful interview with author and educator Jonathan Kozol on NPR Sunday night. Among other things he noted it is important to make social justice systemic, not just seasonal. He provides and excellent example of someone walking the talk.

I hope you have a good break, find things to be grateful for and a way to give back to your favorite cause. For anyone looking for an outlet, Intel has started a program where it will donate a buck to Boys and Girls Clubs every time someone plants a virtual sunflower in their online garden.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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