Sunday, November 25, 2007

Intel's SoC mortar

Hello to those of you beginning to stray back into business blogdom in anticipation of Black Monday, the day we saddle up again after the nice long Thanksgiving weekend. Hope the break was good for you. I got in some great music, but had to spend waaaay to much time dealing with car issues—alas!

I am starting off my week asking for help. Intel has got the system-on-chip religion as I noted in my last wrap up from IDF. What I don't know is what interconnects they plan to standardize on for linking silicon IP blocks. Maybe Intel itself hasn't decided.

I know Intel will choose a handful of internally and externally developed interconnects, and I know they are reaching out to third party IP block suppliers they want to work with. Got any details to share about their chosen interconnects and preferred IP partners? Email me at with your best insights before you down another turkey sandwich!

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RapidIO Executive Director said...

Missing from this group is Intel.

Seems to be one of many groups doing the same thing, but this one has the most support and seems to be making progress.

The question is will this be yet another space where Intel does one thing and the mainstream ROW does something different?

Question that is key is what will AMD do?