Thursday, November 15, 2007

Heat's on for Moca, too

The folks at the Multimedia over Coax conference were mum on their road map this week except to say that they have kicked off a MoCA 2.0 effort. Their customer base, however, was somewhat more vocal.

"The next-generation MoCA spec needs to support about 400 Mbits/s within two years and a Gbit in four years," said Mark Wegleitner, chief technology officer of Verizon Communications in a keynote speech. Verizon is installing fibre-to-the-home systems that can hit up to 400 Mbits/s today, and it can't let the current 175 Mbit/s MoCA 1.1 technology be a bottleneck for long.

Jed Johnson (right), senior director of systems engineering at Motorola which supplies set-top boxes to Verizon, echoed the call for more bandwidth. "There needs to be a gigabit path in the home," said Johnson.

What with startup Gigle Semi and the ITU standard in the works potentially delivering a Gbit/s PHY next year, MoCA has some pretty clear marching orders.

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