Friday, November 09, 2007

The Friday Crock Pot Report

My apologies to readers of this blog for practically abandoning you all week. It has not been for a lack of things to say, but most of them have been embargoed for Monday's Supercomputing 2007 conference in Reno.

Much as I would enjoy the drive through Tahoe and to the Nevada desert, I will be in Austin next week at the MoCA conference. So look for some home net news here next week as I learn what I can from Comcast, Intel, Cisco, Verizon and other presenters there.

Meanwhile here's what's in the slow cooker this weekend getting ready to be served up on Monday morning:

News about Infiniband, 10 Gbit Ethernet and new options for trying to link up the 10G stuff emerging in the data center. I'll just note that all the emerging active cable options are an indication of a problem I don't think anyone has quite solved yet.

There will also bit little tidbits about HDMI improvements—hey, where are the DisplayPort chips?—as well as news on Intel's QuickPath Interconnect in comms and the latest revision of the Top 500 list.

I never even got to this week's news that included a new 10GE switch from Broadcom and Express Gen2 switches from IDT. And kudos to Atheros, one of the few Wi-Fi startups to cross the chasm. This week the company rolled out a single-chip 11n device and an integrated Bluetooth chip as well as a Gbit Ethernet controller. You've come a long way, baby.

So, here's hoping I get time for a little fun this weekend in between catching up on the interconnect news.

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