Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Round up for RIO

Thanks and a hat tip to Tom Cox, head of the RapidIO trade group, for a dash of news and humor after a looong day.

The news: Tundra Semi has rolled out a new RapidIO switch that bridges a bank of RIO DSPs to PCI-based host processors. It also has a special port to link to FPGAs while we wait for the FPGA crew to develop their own embedded RIO cores.

That's the only news of note I have heard from the ATCA Summit in Silicon Valley this week. I am away on business in Vancouver enjoying this town despite the rain. If I am missing anything else drop me a note at rbmerrit@cmp.com or leave a comment here.

Tom also pointed out that the processor AMCC released at the recent Power.org conference was its first with native RIO. The RIO ecosystem, such as it is, will double is size in 2008, he promises.

And the humor: Yesterday, I mistakenly referred to a home networking group as the Multimedia over Cox [sic] Alliance. The ever energetic Tom informed me he has not spawned any new interconnect initiatives but would gladly accept a nomination if anyone submits his name.

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