Friday, October 12, 2007

Powerline's in-house battle

Powerline proponents gather Monday at an IEEE 1901 meeting in Boston to see if they can hammer out a common spec—and sparks may fly. HomePlug and Panasonic have a proposal that mandates coexistence between them but makes interoperability optional. The DS2 crowd is calling for one PHY that everyone supports, even if it means new silicon. I'm convinced the DS2 approach is the right one, though I am not sure how sincere anyone is about biting this bullet. Stay tuned.

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Anonymous said...


the DS2 crowd is pushing for a unique PHY in their press releases. Behind the scenes though, they are pushing to squeeze in their own PHY, making it a three PHY deal. I doubt anyone in the IEEE group is willing to go to full new silicon, and the one with least chances to get in at the moment is barking the loudest. Wouldn´t you?