Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Phoneline calls home

CopperGate Communications is crowing this morning that it has shipped more than two million of its HomePNA 3.1 CopperStream chipsets to OEMs such as Motorola, 2Wire and Scientific Atlanta. The technology owes a debt of gratitude to telcos such as AT&T driving into IPTV and pulling with them the familiar phoneline approach from the DSL days.

Kudos to this crowd who have toughed out plenty of up and down days as home networking slowly emerges. But the toughest part is yet ahead.

The home network is increasingly a heterogeneous environment. Next month CTO-class speakers from Cisco's Linksys group, Comcast, Motorola and Verizon will discuss their plans for Multimedia over Coax at an event in Austin. Earlier this month, a similar group talked about their plans to use powerline technology sponsored by the HomePlug group. And all this gets blended with the many Wi-Fi and alternative wireless products coming into the digital home from retail.

The home network is happening, but it is emerging as a patchwork quilt. That will open up whole new problems and opportunities over the next five years.

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