Saturday, October 27, 2007

More rumblings on powerline

By the way, the folks from powerline specialist DS2 did call me last week, and it turns out things may be a little less clear than I thought. Private discussions are still underway on all three aspects of the pending IEEE 1901 standard--access, in-home networking and co-existence, they say. As I reported this week, DS2 also is revving up a 400 Mbit/second physical layer technology that they will demonstrate in New York in November and have available for 2009-class products.

DS2 is putting on a big last-minute push in the face of strong votes that came down earlier this month for joint HomePlug/Panasonic proposals in access and in-home networking. Group chairman Jean-Phillipe Faure said he would not be surprised if a final decision is set by the March meeting.

Anything could still happen at this point, so this is a story well worth watching for the next few months. But it does appear the HomePlug folks are now in the cat bird's seat.

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