Sunday, October 14, 2007

MoCA gets frothier

I got a tip from a representative of the Multimedia over Coax Alliance who attended the HomePlug conference last week. The big news is the MoCA crew is announcing a version 1.1 spec soon. It will enable throughput of up to 175 Mbits/second at the media-access layer and support parameterized quality of service.

An Echostar rep also at the meeting said they pressed hard for the parameterized QoS, a capability that allows bandwidth guarantees for high priority apps like delivering that HD stream of the Super Bowl. Powerline and wireless technologies can't do that, he said, because they do not control access to their medium.

Also, Broadcom and Conexant are confirmed to be at work on MoCA chips, though no one has seen any sampling silicon yet. Word is MoCA parts may be a bit pricey compared to slower rate home net technologies, but it’s the throughput and QoS service providers demand.

I expect to attend a MoCA event next month, and hopefully there will be more news there. Meanwhile, as I said before, the home networking story will be a clash of service provider technologies and the Wi-Fi and powerline stuff consumers buy at retail and put in themselves.

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