Wednesday, October 24, 2007

HomePlug surges forward

The results are in from Boston last week. No not the World Series, the IEEE P1901 meeting. Geez, guess I am kinda geeky.

Word is the proposals from the HomePlug/Panasonic/HiSilicon crew got the nod. They want to create a mandatory "interPHY protocol" so HomePlug or Panasonic powerline nets can sense and avoid each other. An optional part of the spec is to support both PHYs so the nets can actually interoperate. Interoperable networks, what a concept!

The proposal still has to get a 75% vote when the group gathers again in San Diego in December. (Here's hoping you are all safe from those horrible fires!) But backers say the three-quarters majority vote won't be hard to get.

I'm having trouble getting a full picture here because the DS2/UPA folks aren't talking to me. And no one has clarified what the coexistence proposals that got tabled at the Boston meeting are all about.

In the long run I have to wonder how much all this matters. HomePlug people will keep shipping their products and DS2 people theirs. Will consumer behavior shift in any way because there is a standard? Methinks not.

Hopefully tomorrow I can make time to catch you up on some UWB and Wi-Fi news, but for now it's late, I am tired and there is plenty to do tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

The big mover for powerline products will not be the retail market (adapters), but rather the service provider content distribution around the home, such as IPTV (I think).

There are plenty of SPs holding back on deployments (at least in significant volumes) until there is a ratified standard. That's why P1901 is seen as very important.

You are right in pointing out that as far as (retail) users is concerned, the standard will not be that important ($$$ will be).

Not being part of the standard will be a blow to any of the companies, as it will make gaining new customers harder, specially in the SPs/operators/cable MSOs market (which is where the volumes are coming from -or supposed to be coming from-).