Monday, October 08, 2007

The big flash pile on

Like so many instant trends in computing, everybody these days is trying to be the top of the heap in the big pile on to pack flash into PCs. Two novel approaches emerged just today.

I talked with David Flynn of Fusion-io late Friday who sketched out the company's push to update the guts of server block storage so the company can help "dissolve the SAN back into the server." It seems to me these folks are on to something significant. Look for more on the details of the Fusion controller and reactions to the startup's effort here and in print next week.

Separately, Insyde Software and Silicon Storage Technology tipped their plans to create a platform for flash in notebooks that other companies could build on. But I am skeptical about their FlashMate approach because the value of the new apps they sketch out seems ,marginal to me and the two companies have a lot of heavy lifting to do to create this platform and rally support for it. That's to say nothing about avoiding the ire of the giant in Redmond.

On thing is for sure, there's plenty of energy going into packing more flash into the PC over the next few years. Stay tuned.

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