Monday, October 08, 2007

Another optical option for IB

Startup XLoom Communications, Inc. (Tel-Aviv) officially joined the crew offering an optical option for Infiniband today. It's AVDAT 4X takes CX4 connections up to 100 meters, competing with alternatives from giant Intel and startup Quellan.

The most interesting thing to me is that IB is projected to ship a million ports in 2008, quite a jump from about half that this year. No wonder multiple companies are trying to ride its coat tails. It's not vast like PCI or Ethernet but it's substantial.

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Anonymous said...

For years, the marketing people have tried to equate 10 Gbps IB with 10 Gbps Ethernet while glossing over that the 10 Gbps term for each represents at least a 20% performance between the two interconnects.

The same issue applies to the number of ports shipped. Ports shipped does not equate to ports attached or in use in customer environments. Therefore the number of ports shipped is a very poor metric to judge the real connectivity occurring in the market.

If a company is jumping into the IB market based on ports shipped that might be seen by some as a questionable logic sequence.

In any case, active cable solutions are relatively new and they represent an opportunity to provide a number of customer visible benefits. The key for any active cable solution is insure that the product can be used for a variety of protocols. The CX4 connector in this case can be used for more than IB including 10 GbE.