Wednesday, September 19, 2007

How quick is QuickPath?

Thanks to David Kanter for unearthing and sharing more details on Intel's next processor bus than the chip company is ready to disclose. Basically Intel was only willing to share the name—QuickPath—the fact that it connects up to four processors and will debut in Nehalem chips next fall.

Kanter concludes from an analysis of Intel's patents QuickPath will be a 20-bit wide bus and run at 4.8-6.4 GHz, faster than what AMD has planned for HyperTransport in that same timeframe. As Kanter sees it, AMD is going to have a hard time competing with Intel starting next fall when Nehalem debuts through to when AMD gets all its server CPUs revved up on HyperTransport 3.0 by the fall of 2009.

But let's not kick them while they are down, Kanter said. So I note that Tarari chief architect Eric Lemoine said he thinks HyperTransport is a superior architecture to Geneseo because it sports lower latency and provides good access to cache lines. OK, I said something nice for the poor underdog of the PC industry.

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