Friday, September 14, 2007

Hot little WiMax handsets?

That's the implication I got from a teaser for a Sept. 26 Motorola press conference at WiMax World in Chicago. The news blast is titled: 'WiMax: Broadband in the palm of your hand,' and includes presentations from Moto, Sprint and Rogers execs.

My read on this sector is it is still way too early for WiMax silicon that fits into the power consumption envelope of a handheld. My gut tells me we are at least 2-3 years away from that day. Perhaps this is just a tease for a pretty boring review of what's happening in WiMax, I don't know.

Once again, I reach out to you, dear readers. If you know what Moto is up to here or have any other news tips coming down from WiMax World, let me know. I will be in Austin that week and will miss the event so I'd like to hear anything you pick up as a comment here or an email to

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