Monday, September 17, 2007

Dispatches from IDF: USB 3.0 debuts

Why, oh why did I wait until the night before to troll through the sessions for this week's Intel Developer Forum. Oi Vay! So now I find out Intel is ready to talk turkey about USB 3.0 on Tuesday.

Last year one of my key PCI Express contacts said there was a lot of work happening in the background on USB 3.0, making use of the 5 GTransfers/second the Express 2.0 spec now enables. Had I only checked back a few weeks ago I might have had a scoop! Now I'll have to elbow my way to the news with the rest of the IDF crowd.

The IDF Web site just talks about a fast synch-and-go interconnect and promises a technical overview and timeline for the technology to come to market. Sounds like it is pretty well thought through at this point. Will we see Gbit/s wired links in 2009? Stay tuned…or post a scoop ASAP as a comment if you know about this stuff.

Also on tap at IDF this week: More details about Geneseo, a collect of interconnect technologies enabling co-processing over Express and the Intel front-side bus. This is Intel's answer to HyperTransport and AMD's Torenza program.

In addition, IDF is host to several discussions of 10Gbit Ethernet and data center interconnects including something under the marketing banner of Intel's Virtualization Technologies for Directed I/O. Whadeva that means!

I hope I get to find out more about all this in between a half dozen sessions touting Intel's upcoming 45nm Penryn processors which Intel hopes will grab all the headlines tomorrow, leaving AMD's latest quad and three-core 65nm CPUs in the dust.

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