Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Tidbits from LinuxWorld

I've been wearing out the carpets at Moscone Center in San Fran today looking for stories, but only picked up a few scraps, mainly about 10 Gbit Ethernet from the LinuxWorld show floor.

One switch-chip vendor I talked with said some people are now saying Intel will win the controller wars with its IOAT technology, and ultimately they will adopt RDMA in a future generation. Sujith Arramreddy, the chief technology officer at ServerEngines, said that makes no technical sense because the IOAT approach requires multiple data movements inconsistent with the RDMA approach.

I had a comment from one reader who said IBM is doing—or planning—some innovative moves with IOAT. I haven't heard back from Big Blue on that yet, but Bill Ott, a former IBM xSeries server designer now COO at ServerEngines, said there was no such thinking at IBM when he left last year.

Meanwhile, startup Teak Technologies says it is porting its congestion management algorithms to the programmable core in the BladeEngine chip recently announced by Server Engines. It currently runs in an FPGA, which is OK for a switch blade but too expensive for a prototype NIC it showed at Linux World running next to the Neterion 10 Gbit controller.

Separately, the folks at the Storage Networking Industry Association have started a task force on green technology. It aims to act as a liaison with the Green Grid which announced its plans for 2007 today. The SNIA group also hopes to develop its own metrics for power efficiency in the SAN.

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