Wednesday, August 08, 2007

It's lucky 8 day, I guess

For the Chinese 8 is a lucky number, and 888 is even luckier. Perhaps they are the ones behind the 8/8 announcements of not only 8 GT/s being chosen for Express 3.0 (see below) but the first 8G Fibre Chanel products I have heard about. Emulex and QLogic (thank you Mr. Anonymous Commenter below) announced host bus adapters, a mezzanine card for server blades and an embedded I/O controller for 8G FC today. The company said its 8Gb/s products are still in prototype testing phase, but they should sample before the end of September.

Geez, I didn't even know the 8G FC standard was done! Hey, somebody drop me a note at about how this transition is shaking out and what's happening on the 16G standard, will ya. I am waiting to hear from the FC world!


Anonymous said...

On August 8, 2007, Qlogic announces Industry's First 8Gb Channel Products

Anonymous said...

The only economical method to drive a 16 Gbps FC is to move to either multiple copper lanes as done with Ethernet and IB with each lane operating at 8Gbps or move to *WDM variants and again levarage what already exists. Economical optics are at 10 Gbps and unlikely to move to higher rates anytime soon. Copper has limits in terms of power, EMI, and so forth that comes with higher signaling rates. FC could have a future still but with FCoE, are there still people who care? Further, most customers move to next generation products for future proof purposes more than they are bandwidth limited. 8 Gbps FC is likely to meet nearly all server and storage controller needs for a much longer period than the alternative pundits may realize.