Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Happy birthday to meeeeeee!

Well, it's been 357 days, 258 posts and 34,400+ page views since I started this blog a year ago. According to Google AdSense I have earned roughly $40 so far. I haven't actually seen a nickel yet. Google cuts you a check when you hit $100.

While this may be no financial bonanza, I feel proud that I have been able to sustain this venture and grateful to those of you who find it worth surfing on a regular basis. I look forward to more posts, comments, hits—and maybe someday enough cash for a little vacation in Greece—or at least Gilroy.

If you have any comments about what you like, hate or want to see more of in this space rant away with a comment here or at I looooove your frank feedback. And if you have any ideas about how I can make money on this little adventure, I wouldn't mind hearing about that, too!

Now I actually am going on vacation (on my own dime) for the week of August 27. I may post from the occasional Internet café, but for the most part my situation will be described in the words of the Beach Boys who once said, "I'll see you in September!"


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on a successful year of blogging Rick! I read it regularly to get a spectator's perspective that's not affraid to call out the competitive forces at play. It's usally good for a chuckle too. Keep it up. I am curious where you get your graphics.

Greeley's Ghost said...

you need 34,000 candles, Rick. That's terrific. You've taken the ball and run with and done fantastically well. keep up the good work and migrate the rest of EE Times' blogs into the blogspot universe!

--Brian Fuller