Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Can Bluetooth boogie?

I see an increasing number of Bluetooth ear clips these days but few and far between are the stereo headsets that go beyond voice calling and deliver music. Tom Nault is pretty frank about the problem: the headsets either cost too much or deliver poor quality. He hopes his new lossless codec changes that fact.

We shall see. Even the vaunted Apple iPhone lacks support for the Advanced Audio Distribution Profile piece of Bluetooth to enable stereo, but that could change with the next rev.

One big potential gotcha: how to make sure all those wonderful 2.5 GHz devices such as cordless phones, microwaves and Wi-Fi nets that surround the people likely to use such headsets don't interfere with their Bluetooth music. Now there's a design challenge that could push things off to the Bluetooth 3.0 version that leaps to ultrawideband technology.

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Anonymous said...

What is wanted for headsets beyond voice calling and delivering music (in stereo)? There are quite a few that do those things (which seems pretty much 'everything' wanted) and I use one of them (using A2DP) with my Motorola KRZR GSM cell phone. Stereo music sounds very good and my wife reports my voice sounds really really good using the headset, better than using the phone "directly". There's lots of brands and models of stereo bluetooth headphones, and probably a lot of cell phones other than my popular Motorola one that work as well (even if the iPhone doesn't, but then it's not the only basic feature of cellphones that the iPhone has missing).