Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Be my eyes and ears

I hereby deputize all readers of the Interconnects Blog to be reporters for a week. I'll be covering an out-of-town conference when the Hot Chips and Hot Interconnects conferences are going on at Stanford and a first-ever meeting of a new WiMax broadband wireless special interest group are held in Silicon Valley.

I wrote a preview of the Hot Chips/Interconnect conference, and have a report coming Monday on the biggest new announcement from the event—a massively parallel processor from startup Tilera. Likewise, I wrote extensively about the outlook for WiMax in the new 700 MHz being auctioned off early next year.

Nevertheless, sometimes unexpected things get said at these events and there is often some good scuttlebutt just from hanging out with the community. If you pick up some insights, I invite you to post a comment here or drop me a line at After all, this is the age of the citizen journalist, and you now have been officially blessed as temporary members of the Fourth Estate. I look forward to hearing from you.

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