Friday, July 27, 2007

HDMI in the doghouse

Pity the poor High Definition Multimedia Interface. First there are widespread reports of interoperability issues that threaten its future. Now the group trying to spearhead HDMI interoperability testing is under fire for allegedly charging too much and providing too little information about its test services, according to a story posted today from my colleague--and boss!--Junko Yoshida.

The last we left HDMI it was valiantly claiming dominance in the TV world and struggling to gain traction among computer makers who were allied with their own approach, DisplayPort. If the hard times keep knocking on HDMI's door it may drive the consumer companies right into the DisplayPort camp. There must be a reason we keep hearing disgruntled noises coming from their marketplace. Methinks for whatever reason the folks behind HDMI have failed to earn the trust of some of their would be OEM customers.

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