Thursday, July 19, 2007

Agilent may shoot IBIS Bird

The I/O Buffer Information Specification (IBIS) group has a draft spec of its Bird application programming interface for modeling interconnects at 5 Gbits/s and up. Todd Westerhoff says SiSoft already has some code for it that runs at up to a million bits a minute. See the full story here.

This is real progress—faster than I expected—on a much needed standard. Kudos, guys.

But wait, Ian Dodd, late of Mentor Graphics, tells me Agilent and a major semiconductor company—could it be IBM?--will propose an alternative at the IBIS group's September meeting in Beijing. I am still waiting for more word from Ian on the details. If anyone knows about this or any other clouds in this Bird's sky, make a comment here or drop me a note at

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