Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Wireless USB's math: 99+150

A tip of the hat to my colleague Mike Clendenin hammering away at Computex in Taipei. His article this morning nails the math on what it will take to get wireless USB out the door: a $99 retail price tag on a device sporting 200 Mbit/second application layer throughput.

Today's notebook modules for wireless USB cost at least $25 to $40 to the OEM, according to a top Lenovo engineering manager I talked to recently. He said that needs to descend to less than $10. Meanwhile throughput for many of the devices is 50 Mbits/s or less, according to Mike's story today.

Originally, backers hoped wireless USB products would hit in a big way for the 2006 holiday season, but being just a year off for a big industry initiative is not a huge miss—if they hit this Xmas. Last I checked at WinHEC in mid May, the WiMedia Alliance was just starting its certification process, so there could be some news on this front, probably next week.

Incidentally, here's a little bit of my own math: This is my 200th post since beginning this blog last August. Perhaps it is sacrilegious to say this on Google's blog site, but...Yahoooooooo!

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