Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Wireless nets get in phase

Two stories of consolidation in consumer wireless networks hit today. Tzero debuts a new ultrawideband chip set geared both for wireless and coax, and Wibree backers join the Bluetooth SIG.

On the UWB side I was surprised to find the WiMedia Alliance has set up a work group to determine if it should set a standard for UWB over coax. The group is still just a few weeks old, but has the potential to move quickly if this path set by Pulse~Link looks as fruitful as some think.

On the Bluetooth side, its champagne corks all around for a deal that gives the SIG a broader market to address, Wibree backers an instant infrastructure for managing their spec an OEMs one less meeting and compliance process to staff. Proponents of the low-power, short range Wibree faces a review from SIG members but should still be able to ship products before the end of 2008.

There's still more digital home nets than you can shake a stick at with Wi-Fi, MoCA, HPNA, HomePlug, Zigbee and near-field all in play. But today things got just a tad more sane.

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