Sunday, June 10, 2007

Waiting on 6 GHz radios

That's the story for the Bluetooth SIG. The move to put the Bluetooth protocols over ultrawideband is making good progress as a spec, but the group needs prototype hardware to validate its work.

In a short chat Friday afternoon, Bluetooth SIG executive director Mike Foley said the group expects to see its first samples of 6 GHz UWB radios before the end of the year. That would enable it to finish its spec by this time next year. The SIG opted to skip the UWB Band Group 1 silicon operating at 3-4 GHz that's coming out now because some planned 4G cellular offerings will occupy that space, and cellphone makers were concerned about interference.

In the short term, the SIG is about to roll out its version 2.1 update with a number of adds. The chief addition is a simpler method for "pairing," the initial secure configuration of two Bluetooth devices so they can work together. This feature has been fairly user unfriendly to date.

Watch this space for more Bluetooth news Tuesday.

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