Tuesday, June 26, 2007

SGI carves Infiniband into blades

Struggling server vendor SGI hopes to distinguish itself by using Infiniband natively in its Carlsbad server blades released today and geared for high-performance clusters. The move makes sense because Infiniband is growing in such technical applications, but given SGI's modest role the move will not likely have much market impact.

Still it is interesting to note that Intel engineers who co-develop some of the SGI boards were the ones who influenced the move to Infiniband. IB was a big Intel initiative many years ago until it became clear the market for the interconnect would be relatively limited and Intel dumped plans to make the chips. Nevertheless it still clearly promotes the technology, perhaps out of love for this orphaned child and its evergreen belief in making everything in computers a commodity standard—except its high-priced CPUs.

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