Tuesday, June 05, 2007

PMC stays SASsy

PMC-Sierra continues its early-to-market drumbeat for the next-generation of the Serial Attached SCSI specification today, rolling out a RAID controller for SAS 2.0. To approach the throughput needed for the 6 Gbit/second SAS spec, the PMC chip also moved to the 5 GHz PCI Express 5.0.

As I noted earlier, PMC is using the 6.25 Gbit/s serdes from its telecom heritage combined with the SAS design capability it acquired from Agilent to leap ahead of others who may face bigger struggles with the relatively fast designs. The downside is the mainstream server and storage markets PMC targets probably won't move into SAS 2.0 for another 12-18 months. Even the new PMC controller is only sampling now.


Jesse said...

Nice post Rick. The great thing about SAS 2.0 is that there are added features that server and storage suppliers can take early advantage of, advancing the adoption of SAS 2.0. More information on these SAS 2.0 features can be found at www.SAS6G.com. The site has a 6Gb/s SAS quiz section and I promise to hook you up with a free T-shirt...if you answer the questions correctly ;^)

John said...

Interesting...the web site you mention (www.SAS6G.com) seems to not exist anymore. All that is there is a redirect to a vendor site. Are you sure this is neutral positioning? I get the creepy feeling that this is just spin from a vendor.

Jesse said...

Hi John,

The site is sponsored by pmc-sierra and is intended to be an educational tool. We encourage other vendors supporting 6Gb/s SAS to post company and product information as well. From the site stand point it is very neutral and we hope to that there continues to be more vendors with 6Gb/s SAS offerings.