Friday, June 01, 2007

No habla Esperanto

Michael Feldman gives his reasonable assessment of the data center and the state of Infiniband over at HPCwire today. He and I agree that despite all the talk about data center convergence, the truth is we will see a polyglot world where Infiniband, Ethernet, Fibre Channel--and a few interesting options and variants lurking around the fringes-- will increasingly learn to co-exist.

Ethernet is the granddaddy taking an increasingly dominant slice of the market. Very slowly over time, Fibre Channel will become increasingly niched, I believe. But don't expect convergence.

The capitalist drive of markets to create proprietary value argues against technological homogeneity. (Whew, translate that into Esperanto!) The latest example is FastSoft Inc. which my colleague R. Colin Johnson writes today is rolling out a new appliance with yet a new take on how to process the TCP stack.

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