Monday, June 04, 2007

The multi-radio world

Well, it's finally happened, the predictions a few years back that cellphones would incorporate four or more radios has come true. I sat next to a Nokia marketing guy at a conference lunch a few weeks ago who was regaling the table with his latest device that builds in cellular, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS and FM.

Just a couple years ago at a conference a Motorola manager was predicting this day, as if he were conjuring up a scene from Star Trek. I am reminded by this science fiction become reality by a note in my email box about a new cellular report from market watcher Forward Concepts. The reports predicts strong growth in multiple-mode wireless peripheral chips supporting WLAN, Bluetooth, GPS, FM radio and mobile TV.

Although troubled, it seems like mobile TV will gain traction as the next radio in the device. The report even projects the rise of 16:9 aspect ratio displays on cellphones in tandem with the growth of mobile TV. HDTV in your pocket? C'mon!

Of course it's not all about the glitz of the high-end handset. "The demand for voice-only low-cost and ultra-low-cost cellphones will
constitute the dominant market volume for the next three years," the report concludes. Thank God, I think I am already getting a headache from all these radio waves! Excuse me, my mobile instant messenger is ringing!

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