Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Frothing up the MoCA

Entropic, the first mover behind the multimedia over coax spec is cranking up the volume now that ultrawideband chip companies such as Pulse~Link are bringing their ultrafast technology to coax. Pulse~Link aims to deliver one chip set optimized both for coax and wireless, hitting data rates far beyond the 135 Mbits/s promised by MoCA.

To keep the pace, Entropic will ratchet its data rate up to 180 Mbits/s later this month, thanks to some new software on its existing chip. It also plans to add parameterized quality-of-service to its chip set so cable companies can guarantee no PC on a home network will bring down their digital TV streams. Entropic, the only company currently shipping MOCA chips, hopes the new speeds and feeds and their extensive field trials is enough to keep them ahead of the UWB pack.

Do you know of any other UWB chip makers planning to ride both coax and wireless? Drop me a line at rbmerrit@cmp.com or publish a post here.

BTW, I never did hear any word from Comcast that was supposedly going to announce at the Cable Show its plans to use MoCA. However, Charles Cerino, vice president of new media development at Comcast, was elected president of the MoCA board in May, a pretty telling endorsement.

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